"The Sensitive One is a portrait of a woman's struggle not to be swallowed by traumatic childhood and familial failures. After escaping painful circumstances, embarking on a successful nursing career, and entering a loving and supportive marriage, she receives a cancer diagnosis. This survivors's odyssey will inspire many readers, myself included."

Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson novels



Hello, welcome to my online home. I’m glad you found me. Take a look around.


I’ve been journaling for most of my life. It’s how I process things. I love everything about writing; colorful pens, pads, stationery, little nooks for writing, and the voice inside of me. That voice inside me told me many years ago….to write this memoir. SO… I did. It came out in August 2021.

I love learning different aspects of the writing process. Currently, I am enrolled in UCLA's Creative Writing Program. My goal is to share more of my voice in writing personal essays.  


Every voice is important. Yours, mine. Here— I am using my voice to share experiences as I walk along this path of life, we are all on.

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