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At age fifty, Susan Morris is diagnosed with breast cancer—and she’s floored. Desperate to pinpoint the cause, one night she types a question into her search engine: “What are the risk factors of getting breast cancer?” She’s surprised to discover research showing that long-term exposure to stress and traumatic childhood experiences can both increase the risk of breast cancer.

The Sensitive One is a braided memoir that alternates between Morris’s childhood—as a sensitive child and then teenager who shouldered the burden of caring for her younger siblings as her dad’s alcoholism tore at the threads of their home life—and an adult who for a decade-plus has been living a trauma-free life with a caring husband and rewarding career in nursing . . . only to be diagnosed with breast cancer.


The Sensitive One is a story that asks: Did the stress in my childhood (ACE's adverse childhood experiences) contribute to my breast cancer diagnosis? Did it contribute to my panic attacks, anxiety, and eventually depression diagnosis? 

FORWORD INDIE  Gold Winner in Autobiography and Memoir, 2021
MEMOIR MAGAZINE  Book Prize Winner in Memoir, 2022
WOMEN WRITERS, WOMEN'S BOOKS  Best Indie Book of Fall 2021
CHANTICLEER INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS  Finalist in the Journey category, 2022
SOUL-MAKING KEATS LITERARY COMPETITION  Honorable Mention in Memoir Vignette category, 2021
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Judy L. Mandel, New York Times Bestselling author of  Replacement Child

"Susan Morris has written an exquisite memoir, The Sensitive One, that will open you to the possibilities of a reclaimed life. She rose through the trauma of abuse with inspiring resilience, both as a child and adult, to discover love and peace in her life. It is a journey you will be enriched to take with her. This is a book that will bring you tears, but good tears, as Morris shows you her path through self-awareness to compassion and forgiveness."
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"Cancer survivors will find solace in this work, which is sometimes difficult to bear."

Read the Kirkus Review by clicking here.


Suzanne Simonetti— Author of The Sound of Wings


"A striking and candid debut memoir!

I was drawn to this title as both a cancer and middle child, I was dubbed “the sensitive one”
long ago by my entire family. I enjoyed the author's mention of her childhood history and how
that shaped her. I soon learned that Morris was shaped by the immediate big decisions
following her childhood, how she came to understand and makes sense of her experiences—
some disturbing and violent— and how she found the strength to rise and move ahead all on
her own.

Morris had reached a personal epiphany of sorts with both her mother and father separately
before she bid them farewell in this lifetime. Her strength, bravery, and faith amidst all the
tumult and hurdles thrown in her path is to be savored and revered."


Karen Keilt— Author of The Parrots Perch: A Memoir

"Wonderful Book!!

This story of courage, dedication and fulfillment is one we should all read! Susan experienced
childhood abuse and trauma but found the strength to help others through similar events. The

Sensitive One gave me chills. The author pushed through her own personal pain in order to help
others by becoming a trauma nurse herself! A cancer survivor, Ms. Morris never gave up. Brava!
I loved this book*****"


Laurie Buchanan—Author of The Sean McPherson novels.


THE SENSITIVE ONE is a portrait of a woman's struggle not to be swallowed by a traumatic
childhood and familial failures. After escaping painful circumstances, embarking on a successful
nursing career, and entering a loving and supportive marriage, she receives a cancer diagnosis.
This survivor's odyssey will inspire many readers, myself included."

Nancy A. Rines

"A Must Read

This book is told with heart, honesty and compassion. A must read for everyone with
imperfections in their life…and that is all of us!"

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