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I Soar
by Susan F. Morris

You don’t have to believe in a world
that speaks for itself.
Geese and mating,
season of ducks and nesting.
Nature and love as one.

No matter where you are or why,
the sun will beat down
the snow will fall and blanket
the yearning to belong —
to something greater than yourself.

You don’t have to pretend to understand.
Meanwhile the pines grow tall
the Elk and Moose roam free.
Flowers bloom, and give way to a beauty
only known by nature.

No matter who ever you are, no matter how lonely
the world offers you an imagination
like a camera lens, to witness the beauty
of a greater power at work. A belonging —
to something bigger.

To soar like an eagle and live in
the beauty of the deep blue sky —
is to know the freedom that lives inside.

“The Stranger”
by Susan F. Morris

A harmonizing existence
of mortality
leaves no trace
the light of life
I fear

today flickers

Plain dark stare
not there before
creased upon her face

The effervescence
of regrets and sorrows
gladness and growth
like music
through the air

now stuck in a world
of non-remembrance
void of reason

With gratitude
love remains
Is it too much for you
right now
your pain –I see

More than a heart can bear
beautiful then
and now

The light of life
I fear today
will go dark.


Coming soon is a children's book

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