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Letting go of Negativity

I wanted to talk about how important our voices are. For what seemed like the longest time, I had no voice. I was a sad child, a lost teenager, a lonely young adult, afraid to use my voice.

Fast forward to today. I was in yoga class this morning (one of my favorite things to do), and usually, when Ann (my lovely teacher) talks about what's on her mind, it always resonates in me. Today we were talking about voice, and it couldn't have hit closer to home.

During the writing of my memoir, I've had a lot of emotions come and go. I cannot believe the amount of work that goes into writing and publishing a book. As I came closer to my publication date– about a month away, I'm was a little anxious. Revealing yourself is scary, and I also think it is the only way we help ourselves and others at the same time. There will always be someone that disagrees with you and is just plain negative. And you know what, that's ok; it's how I react to that negativity that matters.

An unknown person gave me a two-star review yet didn't write any comments. I'm sensitive, ok that bothered me. But I promised myself I wouldn't read any reviews. I'm thinking of the Taylor Swift song—Haters going to hate hate hate...🎶

I sat with that negativity for a couple of days and found myself thinking about kindness. So today, I designed a piece of jewelry–a bracelet made of blue lace agate. This stone represents the 5th chakra, the throat, and it's all about using your voice. I wore it for a few days until I felt better. I think it's vital that we all use our voices–no matter what. I'm talking specifically for women. Today our voices are more critical than ever.

Kindness supersedes every negative thought. I will continue to put my heart out into the world. No matter what I get in ret



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