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I am using my blog on this beautiful Spring Day to post something from my inspirational books. ( yes, I have many :) )

This one is from THE REFLECTING POND - Meditations for Self-Discovery - Liane Cordes

Our most significant limitations reside in our destructive thinking patterns. However, most of us do not realize we have self-defeating beliefs or values until we lose something we treasured (a loved one, or health, a job, etc.) or no longer find fulfillment in the people and things we once cherished.

We will seek outside help in our despair. Whether it's from a professional, support group, a close friend, or God, we have the opportunity to uncover many of the causes of our unhappiness.

We may discover, for instance, their childish notion of God as a Jolly Santa Claus, a demanding parent, a punishing policeman, etc.) is no longer sufficient for adult needs. We may find, too, their childish desires for wealth, possessions, approval and fame are no longer necessary as important as our inner desires for peace of mind, wisdom, and truth.

TODAY I will examine my harmful ideas or habits which are keeping me in bondage. I will seek the help of others I admire and respect to enable me to uncover the old attitudes and views I no longer need.

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