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Healing from trauma is your responsibility

Thoughts to share and heal:

If you were brought up with trauma in your childhood. It’s time to accept it and move on.

W e all enter the world a blank slate. Free of thoughts and ideas. Who we eventually become is determined by the upbringing and experiences that fill that slate. We don’t get to choose who will raise us. We don’t control whether they’ll be caring and loving, or distant and rejective.

If you were born lucky, home can be a pillar of strength. Supportive, safe, nurturing, and protective. A safety base from which we venture into the world. The root of our self-definition. A secure place to dream.

For those of us less fortunate, home can be a backdrop for pain. The place where growth is stunted. Where nurturing is nonexistent and dreams are slain. A place where love is replaced by apathy, compassion replaced by indifference.

As we get older, the only way to heal is to walk through the pain of your childhood. That’s when you get past it. Feel the feelings that you didn’t at the time…even though they are painful. There will be growth on the other side. I really believe that. I have lived it.

At every intersection of life… there is choice in which way we choose to go. The choices that we make at each and every crossroad matter. But- what happens if the driver of the car is not you?

My dad was an alcoholic and made a lot of bad decisions. I know what it feels like to drive in a car driven by somebody who is drunk. Scary - yeah. I relived that fear and got to the other side of it. He is no longer in control. Either is that fear.

I have found that until you become responsible for purchasing your own car (aka living your own life) and learning how to drive, you will never know which way to go. But…When you become conscious, heal from your past, the bad decisions made on your behalf can and will become lost in the rearview mirror. Your windshield will be clear, and you will instinctively know which way to turn when you hit that intersection. You become the driver of your car. Navigating through your own life.

The defining moment comes when you accept what has happened to you and choose to change it (therapy helps :) ) We do not need to stay stuck in that space that we no longer fit in.

In life we are constantly growing, changing, learning. So why are some people so afraid of change. Because it’s scary - the unknown. Some people are better off with things staying the same. I say Why? Go out experience who you are meant to be. Take a leap, Live like it’s your last day. Live, love laugh like there is not tomorrow. It’s freeing I’ll tell you that.

I was just reading my Instagram account, and someone posted “It’s never too late to become the person that you want to be.” I’m in total agreement of that.

So go do it…heal from your past. You are not your past

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