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Letting Go of Summer

I don't want to!

As I sit with my back screen door open, the faint smell of Fall is in the air. But wait a minute, I am not ready to give up summer. I haven't been to Martha's Vineyard yet. I haven't walked on the beach and collected seashells like I do every year. I haven't spent time looking out at the water, contemplating life and what it has in store for me during the coming year. I haven't figured out my role in life yet. I don't have my yearly build of the sea and sunshine to get me through another long New England winter. I haven't inhaled enough ocean air. What's a woman to do when she craves the ocean air and lives around mountains? I change my focus.

Even in the mornings, when I feel like I can't get out of bed or face another day, I remind myself that I can. Even when I feel depressed or overwhelmed, I know I can overcome those feelings.

I shift the focus away from myself. I open my eyes. I go for walks and breathe in the smell of pine trees and nature. I sit and watch nature's beauty at its core. Whether it's Eagles flying overhead, hibiscus flowers blooming, the sunshine on my face, or birds singing, I become grateful for where I am in the here and now, which isn't easy sometimes.

The seasons will change and so will we.

I will welcome Fall when it arrives with open arms. After all, It is my favorite season of the year. But until then, I am going to enjoy every day and take what it gives me and practice gratitude. I hope you join me :)

I know that I am grateful for all of you who are reading this and supporting me. I am thankful for everyone that was or is involved in helping my memoir and its message get out into the world.

We can all overcome adversity.
Our traumatic childhoods do not have to define us.
True Love based on respect and individuality is possible.
We can grow from muddy waters - to blossom and radiate.

People that I don't even know are reviewing my book. Connecting with others is a gift in life that I think many of us sometimes take for granted. I do not. To friends and family, those that I love, your Love means everything to me.


PS I am going to Nantucket next week for a few days with my sister and best friend, so yeah, my summer is still alive !!

I will share pics!


Till next time,


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