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The New Year Marks a Time for Reflection, Introspection, and Personal Growth.

Saying goodbye to another year conjures up many emotions in me. For some years, I waved goodbye and never looked back.

"You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else."


I read that quote today, and it made me think about how the end of one year always brings a new beginning. The freshness of a new year brings unlimited opportunities and dreams to fulfill. Starting with a clean slate makes me wonder what new opportunities and adventures await me. What will I learn this year? What lessons will I pass on? What will the highs and the lows be?

I remember my breast cancer year, lying in bed, alone with thoughts of my mortality. I couldn't do anything physical because I did not have the energy. So, I like to start each new year with physical activity.

This New Year's Day, I attended an awesome two-hour yoga class that involved a meditation on what you wanted to manifest in your life for the new year. I brought my journal and wrote my wish for 2024.

I want to live my life mindfully and with purpose.

What does living mindfully mean?

  • It’s about being present in the moment.

  • It’s paying attention to everything that is around you.

  • It’s about practicing compassion and gratitude.

  • It’s recognizing your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  • It’s about practicing self-care.

What does living a life with purpose mean?

  • A life purpose is whatever makes your heart sing, what fills you with bliss.

  • It’s a focus, an intentional way of living.

  • It’s understanding your values and living those values.

  • It’s living your life how you want to.

  • It is NOT something you do or something that you’re after.

  • It is NOT something you should do or what other people expect of you.

  • It is NOT setting goals — but ways of being.

I asked myself what I thought my true values were:

  • Living my life as an ethical person

  • Honesty always

  • Being loyal

  • Compassion and empathy for others

How do I want to show up in my life?

  • To love and accept love.

  • To accept who I am and where I am at in life.

  • To live one day at a time.

  • To care for my physical and mental health in kind ways.


 There is no single answer to a life’s purpose. I think the real purpose of life is to learn, adapt, and grow.

I love this quote from Mary Oliver.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

I said I wanted to learn something new this year in my last newsletter. The new skill I decided on is the process of candle making.

How do you want to show up in your life? Are you living by your values?

I hope you will challenge yourself to learn something new. Step out of your comfort zone.


Until next time....

Be well.

Be kind to yourself and others



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