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What is Unpredictability and How Do You Deal With It?

I've been thinking...

What is it about unpredictability that I find alarming? Well, I know most it was my upbringing for sure. "The shit is going to hit the fan any time now," "the other shoe is going to drop soon, "should have had been a poster hanging in my childhood home. Because it always happened. When things were sailing smoothly, something wrong always happened—mostly related to my father's alcoholic all-over-the-map behavior.

Throughout my life, my twenties, I had a husband just like my father. In my thirties, I focused on healing from my past traumas, therapy, understanding alcoholism, attending Adult Childen Of Alcoholics Meetings (ACOA), and suddenly a whole new world opened up to me. I no longer accepted unpredictability in my life or relationships. Then I met Bruce, my husband- my very stable sidekick. We will be celebrating thirty years married this Fall :) I am fortunate to have found him :)

The only unpredictability we have is on in which love. On a Saturday or Sunday, we hop into the car, maybe get coffee somewhere, and then who knows where we end up. We always have some adventure. We may end up 2 hours north at a lakeside restaurant having lunch, or at a sports shop checking out kayaks, or finding a walking trail somewhere. I have turned the once unpredictability in my life to viewing unpredictable as a positive.

Every positive usually has a negative. Why? Everything in the world has an equal but opposite reaction. One would not exist without the other. In that sense, is unpredictability considered positive or negative? How is it possible to create predictability from unpredictability? If change is the only constant in time, then why not follow it and be unpredictable? Go with the flow and do something different. By doing various activities, you might discover something new.

Be unpredictable - do something different. Be Safe.

Have Fun. This is your life-Live it!

I have stable peace in my life. I hope that you find that too.

Till next time ...

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